Recovery Policy and Proper Management of Mangrove Forests to Preserve Environmental Sustainability and Ecotourism in Bangkalan Indonesia

  • Bambang Eko TURISNO Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Iga Gangga Santi DEWI Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Siti MAHMUDAH Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Amiek SOEMARMI Diponegoro University, Indonesia


Part of the mangrove forest on the coast of Bangkalan Regency, Indonesia is part natural forest and the other part is a rehabilitation area which is used as a conservation and ecotourism area. This study aims to determine the reality and policy of changing the function of mangrove forests in Bangkalan Regency. The research was conducted using the socio legal method with a qualitative approach, which is to analyze the conversion of mangrove forest functions and policies in dealing with damage to aquatic ecosystems due to the conversion of mangrove forests in Bangkalan. The results showed that the management of mangrove forests in a sustainable manner with local wisdom is carried out by the local government in the study material that one of the coastal ecosystems, mangrove forests are good and vulnerable ecosystems to preserve environmental sustainability and ecotourism in local context.



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