The Role of Public Diplomacy in Dialogue with Foreign Public

  • Assemgul T. URAZAYEVA Institute of Diplomacy, Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


At present, dialogue is the most effective form of interaction, which allows to form a positive public opinion and achieve the country's foreign policy interests abroad. The paper investigates the concept of public diplomacy, proposed by various authors as a special direction of the country's foreign policy. To determine the effectiveness of public diplomacy, practices of different countries are examined, namely Russia and China, which, through the use of public diplomacy, have created a dialogue with the foreign public, thereby promoting national interests and gaining loyalty of a foreign audience. This paper considers the international initiatives of Kazakhstan as elements of public diplomacy, allowing to position the country and increase its attractiveness in the international arena. Analyzing the experience of developing public diplomacy in other countries and considering the current tasks of Kazakhstan, the author offers recommendations on the effective implementation of public diplomacy as an additional opportunity to promote the foreign policy interests of Kazakhstan abroad. The implementation of the recommendations will allow Kazakhstan to effectively use public diplomacy for successful positioning of the country in the world community, as well as to establish dialogue with the foreign public, ensuring its loyalty to the country's current policy.



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