Strategies and Trade Policies of a Company

  • Octavian Dan RĂDESCU International Free University of Moldavia, Moldavia


Commercial activities may be carried out by the company producing the interaction of a specialized structure or through a separate structure producing company called commercial form. Strategy and commercial policy needs different concepts (strategic goals, strategic resources, reflections and strategic resources) that require interpretation, comments, interpretations etc. A developed company it will be based on the successes of technological progress of in the country. The multitude of possible variations, each with probability to create situations for doubtful accounts: (2016 – 2025), (2026 and further more), companies cannot develop strategies and trade policies and rigid structures are required to use a newly created relative flexibility. These processes can use mathematical arsenal, even that of dynamic programming that allow the substitution of a problem with many variables with a number of problems with a small number of variables.


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